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Well, we made it to LONDON!!!! It’s about 8pm here now and we’re set to board an ontime flight to Entebbe in an hour. Yahoo!!! Africa here we come.

Jake keeps saying…. “we’re going to Africa today!” My kids have been real troopers on this trip.

We passed out journals to our team and we’ve started writing in them. We’ve practiced our dramas. We’ve slept in uncomfortable places. We’ve bonded. We’re ready. Entebbe, here we come.

Here’s some photos of our journey so far.

Have Coffee. Will travel.


  1. Tell Hannah we love her!!!!!
    Read Hebrews 13:6

    And the ultimate love from Uncle Brian ” My name is Forrest Gump,
    they call me Forrest Gump”. He! He!
    Love aunt Linda

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