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I have hair issues.

#1. It’s running to the back of my head. (It’s not coming out my ears yet, but I’m sure it will)

#2. It’s evidently growing more on one side of my face than the other. My wife said during a conversation today, “can we talk about your side burns?” I said, “No. What are you talking about?” She said one is longer than the other significantly.

So I took the photo evidence of my stupid sideburns who evidently don’t talk to one another and my forehead that is gaining real estate.

don’t worry, I have a solution. I’m going to cut it off my side burn and glue it on my head.


  1. I didn’t wanna say anything yesterday while we were talking about the binding machine…glad you’re wife noticed : )

  2. you crack me up. Luke may still have a full head of hair, but he’s also beat you on the ear hair – gross!

  3. dude, we need to redefine friendship. I won’t count on you to tell me if I have a nasty piece of broccoli between my teeth.

  4. linda brangwynne says:

    random, but what’s with todd and brian using the exact same pose on the blogger face shot photos? only significant difference i see are the bills on your ball caps…

  5. Well, there are two schools of thought. One says to have an arrow shot through your head horizontally from ear to ear, and line up the sideburns with the arrow. The other says that very few people have their ears set by God at the same level on both sides of their head. So, you trim the sideburns to the same level on each ear regardless of what the arrow through your head looks like. That way it takes someone who is verifying that your ears aren’t set evenly on your head to realize that your sideburns aren’t either. So, you puts down your money and you takes your pick. Signed, Dad

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