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Made my first online pizza order through Domino’s tonight.

It actually worked.

Funniest thing in the world though, you can custom design a pizza with all kinds of stuff and if you want to have it 1/2 one way and 1/2 another, it lets you pick if you want it on the left or the right side of the pizza. So funny.

Like does the delivery guy hand it to me so that it’s on the correct side of the circle per my request? I ordered one 1/2 hawaiian and half cheese and it even puts the stuff on the pizza in picture form as you build it. Oh.. and their new oven baked sandwiches are super grubbin.

I wonder how many pizza’s they have to sell on the web to get their money back, I must admit, the website is awesome, easy to navigate, and worked like a charm.


  1. We like the online ordering at our house too!

    PS – new look, looks great!

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