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This morning Jake said he was hungry while we were running errands. Breakast in my house is my “job” and I skipped it being Satruday. So while the two of us were out this morning, I delayed him until I bought a hotdog and chips at the home depot cart thingy for him.

I got home and TJ said he hadn’t eaten breakfast (cuz I skipped my job) or lunch and that he was hungry before his baseball game. So I made him a turkey sandwich. I made a few of them actually.

This afternoon, we had 2 baseball parties, both of which had hamburgers. I ate 3 today just cuz they were easily accessible.

Last night, before dinner, Jake asked if he could pray. He ended by saying, “please bless this food to our bodies.” When he got done, I asked him what that meant. He said he didn’t know. He just said it. In fact, none of my kids knew what it meant. They all just say it in prayer at the dinner table. I have some “de-christianizing” to do evidently- in my life and my kids.

Last night after dinner I went to church. We’re in a series called “God at the movies.” This weekend they are looking at Cinderella Man. I love that movie. But it takes place in the Great Depression and one scene they showed is where the mom “makes milk” by adding water to the small bit they have cuz the milk man is “past due”. It also shows dad skipping a meal so his kids can eat. I cried.

What’s my point? My point is today I was thinking about food and while thinking about it, I realized that while money has been tight sometimes in my life, I’ve never had to go without food except by choice. Neither have my kids. Never. So, it’s kinda stupid to teach my kid to say “God bless this food to our bodies.” Seems like with all the hunger in the world- He already has blessed us. More than I can imagine. More than my kids realize.

So God, if you read my blog…. thanks for the blessing of food. Thanks that I can feed my kids. I pray you’d bless those who cannot and give them the food they do not have in the cupboard they cannot pick what to eat from. And God, I do not want to use the blessing I have for myself. May our home be a place where the hungry are fed.. both near and far.

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