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Looking for a good Christmas present? Look no further than one that gives to 3 places:

1. you help Ugandan women who work in an orphanage to make a little more of a living to feed their own families.

2. you help us raise the money it will take to adopt 2 kids.

3. you help a friend or loved one have a sweet piece of authentic African jewelry.

You can see how they are made in this post here. Click on the pictures below to increase their size for better viewing.


Lots are gone now, because we have sold a grip of them in the last 2 days! What a blessing to so many people! But we have 2 styles left as they are going fast:

We have really long ones, they are meant to be wrapped two or 3 times around your neck. They are about 50 inches long and sell for $25 each.

We also have some more standard length ones. They are 22-24ish inches long and sell for $14 each or two for $25.

These are the bracelets, though we are all out of them, we can make you some out of the necklaces by re-stringing them smaller for you if that’s the bigger need. We sell them for $8 each or two for $15.

If you want one, here’s how we can do this.

1. Email Shannon to tell her what type and color you are interested in. We’ll then confirm and set aside what you want. Finally, we’ll figure out a shipping cost that will suit your needs.

2. Then you can use the newly created pay pal donate button on the right of this blog to make a donation or send us a check. Once we have that stuff, we’ll shoot it off to you and Christmas wishes will be flowin.


  1. Wow these are so pretty. I love the reds.

    Christmas gifts…christmas gifts….christmas gifts…NOT buy for myself.

    I’m going to keep chanting this so I don’t do a little self-indulgent shopping!

    I need to take inventory of my gift list and see who needs one of these….

  2. Kathy (Shane's Mom) says:

    These are very cool!! I bought 6 bracelets (2 for me, 2 for Shane, 2 for Jessica) after the Women’s Tea Wednesday night. Shane wore his to school and some girl said “Why are you wearing girl jewelry?” Which he responded to by explaining their origin and your adoption plans – then she said, “Oh, cool, can I buy some too?” So – there ya go – another distributor . . . I’ll let him talk with you about how to do so.

  3. I’m wearing my girl necklace right now 🙂

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