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On mother’s day weekend I started to complete phase 2 of a 3 phase yard remodel we did to the front of our house..

PHASE ONE was to remove the old yard and hire some help to move our side fence to the front of our property adding two planters and a matching retaining wall/column thingy. I then isntalled the fence. That phase started way back in October and finished around December.

PHASE TWO was to fix the sprinklers, add the plants and rocks to the front yard, and finish the lights. Now all that’s left is to re-seed some of the lawn in this phase and to add the low voltage lights that I bought for the columns.

PHASE THREE_ is evidently called Journey UP cuz we donated phase 3 to our church building program. It’s on hold for a while… but eventually, it will be some palm trees, a new concrete pad behind the fence, some lawn furniture, some shade umbrellas, and some large planting pots… if God says it’s ok that is.

here’s the pictures of the update.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Brian and Shannon – it looks like a totally different house! Beautiful job! You really have a gift for building stuff!


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