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I was asked by a friend about a month ago if I wanted to join a fantasy football league. My response was “Thanks, but I can’t make the time to follow the NFL and I’ve never been very good at caring much.” Add to that my lame memory and the fact that I have too many names I don’t know in my student ministry to justify knowing the names of those on NFL jerseys better and you have a recipe for lameness.

I still feel like a schmuck for not being able to say yes.

Sadly, the reality is my lack of football time is ridiculously true for me this season. I really enjoy watching the games. But it’s the second week of the season (I think) and I have not even watched 5 minutes of a game. I’ve been slammed all day for the past 2 Sundays and my Monday nights are spent in seminary this quarter. I’m gonna have to free up some Sunday night with a beer and some chips before the superbowl though.


  1. Good call man, I hate it! I am doing one and it takes way too much time. I am working on my MDIV right now and I am way to competitive. I want to just quit, but that will never happen. I told myself to say no… but I am a sucker for trash talking and competition.
    Your a better man then me at this!

  2. There’s always next season, bro! I’ll have that beer with you one of these weekends.

    Just don’t ask me to explain things like special teams, or goal posts, like my wife does! j/k

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