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Well, pretty much everything these days is a first for our kids.  Here’s a list of the Becky and Billy firsts from our first half week in America as a family of 7.

  • first time in a car seat
  • first trip to the grocery store
  • first trip to the doctor’s office.  Billy weighs in at a hefty 33 lbs according to the doctor.  Hey- that means the kid has porked up a full 3 pounds while with us!  His wrist is so skinny that I can make a circle with my index finger and thumb and slide it up and down his arm with room to spare.  The doc is doing a bunch of tests to make sure everything is functioning correctly too.  But I think he’s just a tiny kid in a happy home.
  • first time touching a dog.  Yeah, pretty much that took 3 days to accomplish.  Our dog is a lab/rottweiler mix and he weighs over a 100 pounds, so he weights 3x more and stands almost as tall as they do.   In addition, in Uganda, dogs are either wild or trained to defend the house and eat you.  So to say that they were petrified of this GIANT beast before them is the understatement of the year.  But we’re making solid progress. 
  • first time eating cherrios cereal
  • first milkshake
  • first PB and J sandwich
  • first time taking a bath… and first one with a muzungu 🙂

lots more firsts to come. 


  1. So awesome, Brian!

  2. What a wonderful journey you have taken!! I am sorry I never got the chance to write you while in Uganda but we have been praying, never the less, for you guys, Becky and Billy and also TJ, Tyler, and Jake! The girls have loved seeing the pictures and are even more excited to meet the newest members of the fam!! I have been so blessed to be a part of this journey with you!! Send Shannon my love and hugs!! And just a side note, we are planning to come to San Diego to visit Lance and you guys this fall!! I hope we can just invite ourselves like that. We would love to spend some time with you, even if it can only be a day but we would love it!! I’ll give you details later!! Love, Jill( and family)

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