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Well, April 1st means I’m at the quarter mark in 2011. Actually, it means we’re all at the quarter mark.

So, a new month and new quarter are both decent reasons for a renewed evaluation of my goals for a new me.  I have been trying to take care of my own mind, body, and soul better in 2011.  I broke it up into some significant categories.   I’m not sure how vulnerable I want to be on the internet, but here’s what I’m willing to lay out there.

BLOGGIN’:  I have been bloggin’ 5x a week for 90 days now. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. It’s been a fun outlet for my life, learnings, and I plan to keep going… I don’t know how long, but for a while I think.

RUNNIN’: First 30 days were aces… then I got some new job responsibilities at work that kicked into full swing and seminary started crankin’ and yeah… I essentially stopped running. I kept playing soccer, but stopped running on my own. Not good.  Went for a run yesterday. Going again in the morning.  When life gets crazy, my physical self takes the first hit.  And I discovered, my body atrophies in like 30 seconds too.

BUDGETIN’: I was entering all my receipts in a budget program every week for our family.  I did this in January. I wanted to make this a regular habit.  Good news is we have cut spending quite a bit.  Bad news is… I stopped doing this after January.  Pickin’ it back up in the morning, cuz it was good when I did it.

READIN’: Outside of stuff for work, I finally got some traction on reading for life and blogs and such… and then seminary reading took over.  So, again, this one started good and hasn’t stopped like running, but definitely slowed down.  Time to figure out a better plan and time to do this.

SLEEPIN’: Um… nope.  There were a couple weeks in there where I did very little.  Spring is here, maybe the hammock will inspire me 🙂  Maybe I should put one in my office again like I did when I was 22.

EATIN’: I think my goals here were too vague.  I’m gonna revisit this one all together.  I downloaded a calorie counter thingamajig for my iphone/ipad back in late January… but I didn’t use it at all really.  Gonna try again with clearer goals this quarter.

FAMILY: Spent lots of time with my kids in the first quarter.  Made it to pretty much all the important stuff.  Lots of field trips and soccer games and several sushi dates in there 🙂

ok… so yeah, not a great first quarter.  I don’t want to grade it, cuz I might get depressed and I’m really just hoping the honest eval of my life gives me enough of a kick in the butt to keep pressing on without trippin’ up my goals so bad that I stop running after them.

How about you.  How was our first quarter of 2011?


  1. Love the increase in blogging. The other stuff is great too, but I just wanted to give you a shout out about that!

  2. thanks Adam. Glad you’re enjoying it at least 🙂

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