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Here’s the latest overall statistics on the fires in our burnt state.

Here’s the latest info I can find on the California wildfire overall statistics:

– Acreage: 431,377

– Homes Destroyed: At least 1,447, according to individual county reports.

– Evacuation: Over 1 million people have been evacuated.

– Damage: Over 1 billion dollars in damages

– Deaths: One fire death, five fire-related deaths.

– Injuries: 30 to civilians, 39 to firefighters.

– At least 12 major fires still burning

Here’s the latest on the Harris Fire- the one that is still burning in some places, with the active part about 5ish miles from my house:

– About 73,000 acres north of the border town of Tecate.

– 10 percent contained– Containment expected Oct. 31.

– 200 homes destroyed, 2,000 homes and 500 commercial properties threatened.

– One civilian killed, 25 injured civilians and seven injured firefighters.

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