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Got a minor scare today on the news when they said my area was being evacuated. We actually packed our car with my critical stuff. Made me realize how much crap I have. If my house burns to the ground, honest to God, I only care about my family and less than one trunk load of stuff. Amazing. I have a house full of junk that on the grander scale of life, doesn’t matter at all. I need to have a major ditch the crap sale and give it all to the poor or something evidently. I guess I can be more nomadic than I thought if need be.

According to this map on google, my house is actually in an evacuation area, though none of my neighbors or I have officially been asked to leave. Here’s the map and my house in relationship to it. The yellow is the proposed, but not adhered to, evacuation area. The red is the actual burn area on Mt. Miguel a few miles from my house.

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