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SUNDAY: Jake pukes in his sleep while napping and doesn’t wake up. No one else heard it, not even his brother who sleeps above him. We threw away his pillow and had to shower the kid and wash his carpet.

MONDAY: Jake skips school, does fine all day, and pukes after dinner.

TUESDAY: Jake skips school, does fine all day again and pukes after dinner.

WEDNESDAY: Jakes skips school and stops puking. Shannon pukes all evening and spends half the night in the bathroom making various contributions to the porcelain queen.

THURSDAY: family puke break.

FRIDAY:– TJ goes to sleep and wakes up in the middle of the night puking. All over the carpet. I get up and wash the floor. TJ vomits most of the day.

SATURDAY: TJ stops puking. 5:15pm I go drive to Coronado to have dinner with our adult volunteers from youth group. 6:35 we’re seated. 6:55 I excuse myself and tell everyone I don’t think I can stay and have to drive home. So I do, with a trash bucket ready, my left hand on the window lever, and praying like crazy that my stomach holds on til I get home. 7:31pm I run upstairs and bow down and puke my guts out- more technically I puked my kono’s breakfast burrito #1. Such a shame. Maybe I should have spewed all over the stairs to keep the carpet cleaning tradition alive.

SUNDAY: I’m supposed to teach in high school. Maybe on Jonah evidently. Puke report to come.

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