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We had some family photos taken over Christmas. Since my sister and brother in law and their family are headed for Uganda this summer and since it’s so rare for us to get all of us, our 6 boys, and my parents together, we decided to take the chance to get some professional photos done.

Well the pictures came today. The shot above is- due to living hundreds of miles from one another- a very rare pic of the whole family. (Shhhhh. don’t tell anyone. but one of the heads in this picture has been swapped out with the head from another picture. Oh the beauty of the digital age.)


  1. Great picture! I can’t tell that the head isn’t natural. Thanks again for setting that up. Let us know what we owe.

  2. What a beautiful family your parents have!! Gosh, your sister is georgous! 🙂 I’ve been keeping them in my prayers as I have been reading through their blogs. Love ya!

  3. I’m thinking my wife is georgous. I mean my sister is great and all… but um.. never mind.

  4. oops, I just realized that maybe you don’t know who left an anonymous comment, well it was me!! Andrea!! 🙂 Come see us. hugs.

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