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Yesterday at 3:15pm I left the office to drive to soccer practice. Or so I thought.

I actually left the office to discover that the last time I left my car while talking on my cell phone, I locked the keys in the ignition. I thought about getting a ride from a friend, but no one was in their office. I then called my wife to have her come get me, but we have lost the other set of cruiser keys in the mayhem of the last 2 months. So my key had to be retrieved either way.

I didn’t have time to call AAA and wait for them- even though I pay for this service. So I was stuck. Then I looked up and saw that in our church parking lot was a tow truck. I called the guy and asked if he was around. He said yes and he’d be there in 5 minutes.

Then he arrived. He told me it was $35. It took him 3 minutes.

I searched everywhere for the extra key last night, but I can’t find it. Then today I went to get a new key so if I get locked out again, I can use another key to get in. However the dumb key has some kinda computer chip in it and has to be programed so it will work. So I went to the chrysler dealer across the street from our church and $60 later I had a key. $60!!!!

Suck. Easy come. Easy go…. and in my case- it evidently goes out easier than it comes in.


  1. k.schlichter says:

    That’s cheap, as new car keys go. Mine is $300 for a new key. Even some Toyota keys are over $100.

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