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I have a friend who said that once I started trying to use twitter for student announcements, it means I drank the Koolaid.

However, I’m not sure that is the case. I do think you drink the Koolaid when you tell people the following over twitter:

  • what you just ate for lunch
  • feel the need to tell the world you are now awake.
  • feel some need to tell the world you are going to bed as if some sort of virtual “goodnight john boy” is now our collective technological responsibility

But, regardless, even if I’m about to get initiated into the cult, we are making an attempt to use twitter as a way to send free text messages to our students cells about our high school program.

You can check out how to follow us at encounterhsm here.


  1. Twitter has helped me stay in touch with some people who are important to me, but because of our busy schedules, we cross paths 1x a week.

    I think part of community, physical or virtual, means wanting to know the trivial or mundane in someone else’s life. Or at least wanting to want that.


  2. sure. I just think it’s funny some of the stuff we share with the world- especially the mundane.

    As I’m reading twitter, it’s weird to all of a sudden use it as a public text message back and forth to people with another grip of non-communicating observers. Like I read an entire conversation between Samantha Prince and you and Rod today.

    A week ago I never would have been part of that conversation. It’s part voyeristic (if that’s a word), part conversation, part weird to me. I’d never call or blog or text a group of friends to tell them I was now awake or that I was going to bed, but for whatever reason, twitter has a different set of rules and norms- some of which I find funny.

    I’m not going to bed now, but I wish I was.

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