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If you’re in youth ministry and you want some tried and true, in the trenches materials then cruise on by Download Youth

It just got a HUGE face lift last week, all the graphics and downloadable art was totally updated and revamped. It has some great content and is inexpensive enough to try out stuff without breaking the budget. 

I have several resources on the site.  Some for behind the scenes and administrative stuff, some small group materials, and a few teaching series.  

In the next few weeks i’m sending 3 more teaching series to the site and an awesome resource of learnings for when the big church stuff comes your way and you’re asked to plan the all church baptisms and such.  You know, like those times when your job description expands from youth ministry to everything else.  Stuff like what to do if you have been asked to do a wedding or are called on to do a funeral or even a resource for when you have to engage in some dreaded church discipline for someone who is simply way out of line.   

But regardless of whether it’s stuff I wrote or Doug or Josh or Matt wrote, there’s tons of great stuff there and more to come each week.  So go ahead and bookmark it and let your life get easier at a price that might be against minimum wage labor laws in 13 countries. 

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