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This week Neil Diamond made the front page thanks to American Idol Neil Diamond week. Tonight I came home from youth group to see him performing on my television set. I’m so glad Neil finally made the cool cat list.

This is a little known weird fact about me- especially here in San Diego- but Neil and I are close. I used to joke around about it a lot with my old youth ministry and torture my students by making them listen to Neil while we drove around in the church bus. But since I have no bus, I have a limited audience to torture while driving. I think I might have to add some Neil to our weekend service playlist.

here’s how tight Neil and I are:

  • I saw Neil in concert twice as a kid with my parents. He actually encored “Forever in Blue Jeans” 13 times at one concert I was at.
  • A friend of mine in college and I once performed Forever in Blue Jeans in a talent show just for fun.
  • Every year, it was a law, that once headed back across the border from Mexico, Neils version of “America” must be played.
  • A few years ago, I spoke for a friend in his church, and he sent me an itunes store credit for Neils latest album. He knows how much Neil and I bond.
  • Several years ago I saw Neil in concert in San Jose. I think I was the only one under 30 in the room.
  • Now, he’s got a new album coming out in 6 days and he’s coming to San Diego on October 7. Tickets are on sale now anywhere from $125 for the cheap seats to $2200 for front row seats. WOW!!!

Neil and I are tight. Don’t forget it.


  1. you are not going to believe this, but while reading your post a Neil Diamond commercial was playing for his concert in the bay area.

  2. all hail the power of Neil. Let the revolution begin 🙂

  3. Andrea says:

    Every Tuesday night Brooke comes over for American Idol and we have dinner. So as we were eatting Adam said remember how we always listened to Neil when we were in the bus on the way to Mexico. I had to remind him that it wasn’t just Mexico it was everywhere we went in the bus. Heck, I’m pretty sure we probably heard it in the church bus, your white truck, your blue truck, in the office, pretty much any where you were it was playing!!! Good ol’ memories. You were thought about with smiles on our faces Tuesday night!! Luv ya. Miss you.

  4. to echo andrea… I was with amanda and I heard a neil diamond song come on. I think it was forever in blue jeans. anyways, i thought of you and we laughed about it too. We had good times remembering some of the crazy other songs you played on that tank of a bus on our way to mexico. love you B.

  5. Andrea and Buch…

    you make me smile. love you both. wish we could laugh and listen to Neil and enjoy a meal together. Can’t wait to do that.

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