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I really like this shirt. 

I’ve seen it in lots of colors and in New York, Texas, and California.  Each time I see it I think, I like this shirt and I want to “live simply” and walk more and drive less and yatta yatta.

But can you please, for the love of all things simple, tell me how in the world you think it is “living simply” to pay $30 or in this case, $42 for a t-shirt.  Please tell me at least $25 of that is going to fix some social ill that is complicated and expensive. 

I can’t live simply and pay 30+ bucks for a stupid t-shirt.   If I do, I’m wearing a lie.


  1. And here I was all ready to tell you get it. It has a lot of meaning. But, you have a point. The price tag defeats the purpose, especially in light of the African pictures we have in our mind’s eye these days. Good thinking, Husband!

  2. I pretty much feel that way about everything they sell. The power of a brand, I guess.

  3. You are so right!! that is so hypocritical! Interesting merchandising.

  4. I agree, doesn’t make any sense. Mabye that’s why they’re not sold out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    When you can stand on the floor of a factory and KNOW the people there are getting paid and treated fairly. Then and only then will YOU know the true price of the clothing we wear.
    If you think that bargain $10 t-shirt was made somewhere nice, think again. I’ve been to those factories too. It happens more often than you think with the major brands of clothing. –Toxic chemical finishes (cheaper), factories in countries with lax labor laws (child labor, unsafe work conditions, untreated sewer water, etc)
    As far as I can tell Patagonia keeps it clean. I’ve never seen their label at a dirty factory.
    Open your eyes people. Do you think the pollution is only caused by the oil companies?

  6. I posted this anonymous comment because I don’t mind opposing views. However, anonymous gripes lack courage. Regarding your complaint, I disagree that the reason this shirt is $40 is solely altruistic. If you think Patagonia is not making a fat profit off them, you’re wrong.

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