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Saw this on Marko’s blog.

You can play Deal or No Deal online from NBC for fun. And check this bonus… there’s no cloned women holding the suitcases sending more messages than money.

I tried it. My best of 4 rapid tries at it was $274,525 with a suitcase of $50.

If only if it wasn’t pretend.


  1. I found that game a while back. Believe it or not, the very first time I played it I got the $1,000,000! That got me hooked and I played it about a hundred times over two days until I gave up. I hadn’t thought about it for a couple of months until right now. Curses!

  2. Tyler, my 7 year old, just one a million bucks tonight. He’s screaming I’m a winner!! Go figure. I think we just created a monster.

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