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The next few days marks the end of an era in the berry family, or the beginning of a new one, depending on your emotional state at the time.

  • This was the first and only year in our school career where all 3 of our boys went to the same school- all day. I’m gonna miss that.
  • TJ graduates from 5th grade and enters middle school next year. My first child is now officially under my job description at church too. Now I’ll really learn how much I don’t really know about parenting a tween.
  • Today was the last day of their elementary school’s annual Dads and Donuts event for me with my 3 boys. Unless I sneak TJ in for next year… 🙂

  • Which- side note: I’ve been praying. I know. Shocking isn’t it. Anyway, Middle school starts an hour later than the elementary school. So next year, 1 day a week, after I drop off Tyler and Jake at school, I’ll go have breakfast with TJ before his school starts. I already do this with Shannon on mondays, but I think my one-on-one times with TJ and “the brothers” will become a part of the fabric of my life in the coming years. I’m stoked about that.


  1. there is no apostrophe in dads and donuts.

    with love,
    your friendly apostrophe police

  2. 3 thoughts for you marko.

    #1. I fixed it for you.
    #2. You are a punctuation nazi.
    #3. I’m sure editors around the world are inspired by you.

    evidently punctuation stupid,


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