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Well, Shannon and I are going on a cruise in the end of February and into March. It’s been 2 years in the making and is with some old friends from Nor Cal. We’re going on the Grand Princess on the “Western Caribbean Cruise”. It’s 25 days away.

Here’s our itinerary:

  • DAY 0: Fly to Galveston and hang out in the city for a day.
  • DAY 1: Board and leave from Galviston in the evening.
  • DAY 2: At sea.
  • DAY 3: Port at Costa Maya, Mexico.
  • DAY 4: Port at Roatan, Honduras.
  • DAY 5: Port at Belize.
  • DAY 6: Port at Cozumel, Mexico.
  • DAY 7: At sea.
  • DAY 8: Disembark the ship back in Galviston, fly back to SD.

Here’s our plans so far:

  • One day at sea, shannon and I are having breakfast on the deck and getting a couples massage. This will be my first ever massage. I hope it’s by a big strong hungarian chick who beats on me until all my bad karma comes out of my muscles and releases into my body so I can pee it out later.
  • One night we’re going to splurge and eat at some 17 course.. yep 17 courses… of Italian food. It comes highly recommended to taste it all, and finish none of it. Ok… but I’m having some wine.
  • We are set to eat dinner every night at the 8:30pm slot. We have 2 dress up nights where I have to wear a black suit.
  • We’re going snorkeling in Cozumel… we board a small boat and go snorkeling in some reef and then they drop us off at a private beach for a while. All 8 of us are going together with the other people who sign up for this “excursion”. Should be fun. I bought a water-proof case for my digital camera so I can take some cool pics underwater. Oh won’t that be fun.
  • While we’re in Costa Maya we’re thinking of going on a 4×4 drive to a beach excursion thingy.


  • Keep your receipts. Check them against your final bill. Sometimes stuff gets charged to the wrong room.
  • Bring your own bottled water on board from port stops cuz it’s cheaper and cuz you can.
  • Ask the concierge on board for advice, they’re a wealth of port information.
  • Room service is free- enjoy it.
  • If you buy a glass of wine, buy the bottle and have them cork it for you. They’ll hold onto it and bring it to you anywhere on the ship. It’s cheaper this way too.



  1. k.schlichter says:

    They’ll tell you not to bring cash, but don’t forget tips at the end. EVERYBODY gets tipped.

    The formal dinners are worth going to, but the breakfasts and lunches really aren’t. You spend all day getting dressed and undressed from meals. Room service the way to go there.

    Look for the soda deal when you get onboard. You pay $15 per day per person or something but get free soda for the rest of the trip. This works out to like three or so a day per person.

  2. thanks Kevin. On this cruise ship our tips are mandatory in one lump sum at the end…. they charge us a per day deal…. but I appreciate all your advice and help.

    have a great day.

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