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If you’re ever in the beautiful wine country of Northern California’s Sonoma Valley, well you owe yourself a 2.5 hour treat called the Sonoma Canopy Tour.  It’s beautiful country to drive through and the experience once you get there is well worth the hour off highway 101 it’ll take you.

It is a high ropes adventure and zipline experience of a lifetime owned by Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds outside of Occidental, Ca.  Seriously, it’s crazy fun.  It cost over a million dollars to build and design and it’s about 10 months old now.  You go on 2 rope bridges, a spiral staircase around a redwood like 100 feet off the ground, and 7 zip lines totaling a little over a mile in all with the longest one being about 800 feet long and about 200 feet above the forest floor.  It ends with about an 80 foot rappel off a redwood to the ground.  Amazing.

It’s crazy awesome.  My son and my dad and I all went on it yesterday after I finished teaching at the mens retreat.  Oh man is this thing fun.  What a great way to polish off a great weekend.

Here’s 4 of my pics:

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