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Tuesday night at dinner, pretty much staight out of nowhere, TJ says, “Mom, can I bleach my hair?”

Shannon, without a moments hesitation, says “Yes.”

I look at my wife kinda crooked and wonder who is currently living in her shell, cuz this is not normal verbage coming from her mouth on such a topic as this.

Tyler immediately seizes the opportunity and asks, “Can I dye my hair?”

Shannon again, without hesitation, says “Yes. What color would you like?”

Tyler says, “Blue”.

Shannon says, “Ok. Blue is cool.”

I now am looking under the table and searching for the hidden camera. At which point my wife announces that it’s summer time and you can have crazy hair for the summer only.

I simply nod, wondering how long she has been brewing on this grand leap in mothering boys.

Jake, now, not one to ever miss a party says, “Can I have a mohawk?”

Shannon says nothing, but I immediately announce, “Yes.” It was my chance to not be shown up by my bold new wife who is now looking at me like I just gave our son permission to kill a cat. Evidently, she had been thinking about dying hair, not cutting it stupid style.

Within minutes I had the cell phone ringing the infamous Ziegler casa to ask Brooke (a self professed hair dying/cutting veteran from a family who invented crazy hair) if she had anytime on Friday, the boys first day of summer, to help us put some action to this new found idea. She said yes, and now:

  • Tyler is blue.
  • TJ is very very very blonde and blue eyed.
  • And Jake… well Jake has a full on bonified mohawk.


here’s the transformation in photos. You really must click on this one and let it fill your screen and scroll around to enjoy the full effect of this craziness.


  1. That is AMAZING. You rock, pops.

  2. LOVE IT! Probably one of the best parenting decisions you guys will make all year.

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