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I went to Costco today. I went to buy spits. They don’t sell the bucket. Sam’s Club does but they told me they are out and have no idea when they’ll get them back in. I had to settle for boxes. I also found “round up” (which I was out of) and my wife said I could have this cool hammock I’ve been eyeing for a while now for my birthday/fathers day. Though both of those events are occurring in the next few months… since it’s a seasonal item, I bought it while it was in stock.

Now you know the contents of my cart:

  1. Sunflower seeds
  2. a hammock,
  3. weed killer.

When I went to check out. The guy next to me had 3 basic items in his cart too.

  1. Case of Beer.
  2. Couple of large bags of pigs ears.
  3. Case of motor oil.

I’m not entirely sure why I found this hysterical, but I couldn’t keep a straight face all the way from check out to the parking lot. I just wished I had my camera and I really wished the guy had a mullet. Then I think I would have followed him to his truck just to see if he left his wife there with no teeth and his kids peeing in the bushes.

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