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This last week we went to an amazing resort for an annual get away weekend with our church staff to the Westin in Rancho Mirage. It came after a long season of hard work and for me, right at the birth of a new season of even harder work.

But, it was nice to bond with my wife, eat some nice food, and soak up the sun. Last year it was like 114. This year, maybe 95. You can definitely feel that 20 degrees.

Here’s the highlights:

  • Dinner with Mark and Maryln- the ones who gave me my first youth ministry job are now living in the valley there. We ate ice cream while we chatted. It was nice to see them again.
  • I found an adidas soccer warm up suit at the outlet. I wanted it for Christmas but it cost $110 bucks and it was too much. I found it for $80 and so I splurged and got it. Yeah for soccer.
  • I had a cockroaches in my 5 star hotel. I caught one in a cup. I took it to the front desk for show and tell. They offered to move me to another room. I said I was in a suite and that it would be hard to find an open one and we were only here for one more night. They said, how about $100 credit. I said, that’ll work. My wife wasn’t so sure.
  • So, we ate breakfast at the 5 star breakfast the next morning and it was free- thanks to my $100 cockroaches. So, incidently, was my wifes poolside smoothie the day before. I had enough mula to help some friends eat for pseudo free. It was like a $60 buffet breakfast and I had the biggest strawberries I’ve ever seen in my life. They tasted like God hand crafted them for me- cuz evidently stuff God hand crafts tastes really really good.

So, my advise, the next time you stay at a 5 star hotel, go find a cockroach and eat for free.


  1. I think a cockroach deserves a $100 credit, I may have switched rooms too, but anyway. Glad you guys had fun.

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