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Ok… so I went to this “worship concert” thing with Hillsong at a church in San Diego.

I was looking forward to going.  I was looking forward to singing with a lot of people and some very gifted musicians.  Maybe I’m a pagan, but I was also looking forward to testing my new camera that came in the mail that day in a low light indoor situation.

But, before I could get in, I had to have my bag checked- by the bouncer guy. This church doesn’t have ushers, they have bouncers… or at least the 3 times I’ve been there, they always have bouncers.

I know because welcome people say, “Glad you’re here.  Welcome to our church.  Thanks for coming.  Let’s worship God together tonight” … and stuff like that.

Bouncers don’t even smile before they say, “I’m gonna check your bag.”  Then this time they stapled a sign to my bag saying it’s too big and for everyone’s safety, it’s against policy for me to bring this bag. 

Bouncers say, “You can’t take pictures in there.”

I said, “um, ok.”

Bouncers then say, “If you do, we’re going to kick you out.”

I really bad wanted to say, “I love Jesus too.  Let’s worship him together.”  I mean this is a “worship thing” where everyone paid $25 a pop to sing to God.  Are you kidding me?   I really wanted them to kick me out of church for taking pictures of people singing to God without a flash.  I would have taken their picture when they did it too 🙂

So, I didn’t get kicked out… but here’s 2 of my illegal pics.  Don’t copy them. You’ll probably go to jesus jail.


  1. haha…Jesus jail! Hilarious!

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