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Last week. I had friends and family call and e-mail to see if I was ok during the wildfires. Those who didn’t call or e-mail may have not thought it was needed or were busy or just assumed we were fine or talked to their friends who did talk to us or yatta yatta yatta. I didn’t keep a list or anything, but there were quite a few.

Perhaps some just read my blog which got 800+ hits last week and gave daily updates of our family situation. I normally have about 250 visitors. However, it really wasn’t cuz all my long lost friends and family were checking it. It was because Marko linked to me twice. Here and Here. And Marko gets like a 8 bagillion more people who care about what he says than I do, so their curiosity landed them on my blog.

But anyway, today I got a call from USAA, the company I pay for my home owners insurance. They called my cell phone to make sure I was alright and that neither my family nor my home sustained any damage that I needed to report. It was from a gal who was very sincere in asking how we were and making sure there was nothing they should be doing to help.

It was my INSURANCE COMPANY!!!! If there aren’t enough claims at the end of the year, they also send you a refund check so they don’t make more money than is reasonable. Go figure. I think I’ll stay with USAA.

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