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My cup is overflowing with joy and blessing. I have zero room to gripe.

A year ago, I had no idea who Becky and Billy even were. The honest truth is they were nameless and faceless children on the planet for us. Today, they have been in our home for 3 months and yet they are very very much a part of our lives and very much our children. They are healthy, learning to swim, love their family, and are a joy to get to know and parent. I am so thankful that God even lets me do this. It is a crazy blessing to parent all 5 of our kids- in the good and the not so good times.

But today was definitely ridiculously good.

We had family come from all over the state to meet them and enjoy them with us. Some local friends who have been a part of the adoption process joined us too.

Some highlights of our day were

  • Having some friends dress up as “Dora and Diego”, the theme of our party.

  • Having friends pray over our family as we did a formal dedication of them to the Lord today along with friends and family as part of our “tribe”.

  • And just a general all around blessing of watching two kids have the greatest day ever. they just had so much fun and were so excited that their birthday was here. They have been counting down the days for the last 24. Oh boy was there some anticipation in the air… which speakin of air… here they are getting some air way up high on a totally fun inflatable we rented for today.


  1. Man,they were really flying! Congrats to them and your family. I just love your story, so inspiring. Oh, you did a great job with your message on Sunday, you actually made my eye allergy flare up, so thanks for that. Lots of prayers being sent your way for your family. God bless.

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