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TJ’s trash into cash project has meant that every Friday we’ve been bringing home cans and plastic bottles to be recycled. We’ve been stock piling them on the side yard and last week we took them in and….

Word on the street is the school has no idea what to do with the money since they never get money like this. This Friday everyone at school is getting ice cream… from money from the trash. Go figure.

There’s a lot of cash in the trash evidently.

Every week I do a pastor on call day at our church…. and this last week a guy needed to put his family up in a hotel for 2 nights. He said he just needed a place for them to get out of the rain and to get ahead. So we paid for 2 nights in a motel since he had recently lost his job… long story but his job currently, is digging the recycling out of the trash every night. He says that he makes $80 every night doing it.

I was so surprised how fast the CRV added up that I’ve stopped giving my bottles to my curbside recycling program. I’d rather give it to the school.

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