Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


I have 4 cars. 

  • A truck I use for ministry trips, camping, and a billion other things. 
  • A pt cruiser I use for my daily driving.
  • A yukon xl my wife uses to haul around our family and such.
  • A 65 mustang I got in high school, I’ve rebuilt twice from the ground up, was my daily driver for like a decade, and is currently on non op status with the DMV- cuz it overheats and I don’t have the time or money to fix it.  So it sits sadly under a cover awaiting resurrection day.

I have friends that have only one car.  I have friends that have none.  I don’t think either of those are going to work for our family of 7.  And I fear what this blog post will look like when 1 is in college and 4 are in high school 🙂

But if I could, I think I’d sell 2… the yukon and the cruiser.  Both are great and well used, but I feel like a used car lot dealer sometimes.

  • I’m not sure I can part with the nostalgia that is my mustang.  I really need to get it running and drive it every once in a while.
  • Getting rid of my truck would be foolish with the level of use it gets… though I could give it to the church and borrow it back, since it’s used more there than here 🙂

If I sold 2, here’s what I’d do.   I’d buy the wife this which holds 7.

I’d keep the truck for rainy days, fix the mustang for dating the wife like old times, and buy either

this….  that I saw last summer in Pacific Beach.

or this….. that I saw for the first time at the zoo recently. 

…. for my daily drive.  Neither hit the freeway, but both would save me a bagillion miles per gallon and would work great for getting me to work and back on some side streets.   The bike I could even decide to get some excercise in from time to time or ride the battery when it was too hot, too steep, or I was just too plain lazy.


  1. brian, dont feel too bad. in my family’s front yard we have a mustang, a truck, a minivan, a firebird for my brother, my grandpas old truck my dad learned to drive in, my new [used] toyota, and a motorhome. there is no more grass to our front yard anymore and people dont know where to park when they come over. hahaha.

  2. this post made me laugh. why? because we are MORE of a used car lot than you. I have one car – a Tahoe. Luke, he has 5. Five! His big truck (GM?), his pool truck, his paint van, the Bronco, and this old project car that I don’t even know what it is. Oh, and there is also a project motorcycle in our garage. So we have a total of 7 vehicles, 5 running. And it is EXCESSIVE. And I can’t convince him to unload any of them. Can you help me???????????? A voice of reason???????

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