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Tonight after bath, I was going to read a story to my boys. TJ reads by himself, Jake and Tyler still let me read to them. However, tonight, they wanted to read a book that is not really a reading book, it’s like a “search for hidden stuff in the pages” book. They really didn’t need me and I wasn’t feeling like searching, so I said if they wanted to read that book, they had 15 minutes.

I went to talk to TJ in his room instead. 5 minutes into it, Tyler announces he has to poop. Next thing I know, he’s convinced Jake to join him so they can continue their search for hidden things in the pages of this book while he takes a dump. It seriously stinks in there. If this ain’t a picture of brotherly love, I don’t know what is.


  1. Dude, you just posted a picture of your kid on the toilet on the internet.

    Other than that, it’s interesting to see the bathroom habits of other families. In my family it was unheard of to have the door open when you were in there. It was private time, not to be disturbed by anyone. Unless the house was burning down you did not open that door. Upon marrying Janelle I learned that her family had different habits. I wonder what the majority of families do. All I know is, the less odors I am exposed to the better.

  2. yeah.. just wait till they’re in high school. Then they’ll be getting back at me with pictures of me peeing somewhere I’m sure.

    As for modesty and the bathroom.

    #1. I’m raising 3 boys. They are naked whenever possible. Modesty is not a character value for small boys evidently. Jake even has a dance he does.

    #2. I had at least 6 roommates in every apartment I lived in all through my college years. My sophomore year my roommate walked into the bathroom when I was doing my business to brush his teeth. I tried to kick him out. It didn’t work. I lost all value in bathroom rights in my 20’s.

    #3. I think women loose them after they have 3 kids and have had several teams of unkown people looking at them buck naked while they “poop a pumpkin” (per the words of one of my college friend’s moms.) They don’t much care anymore either.

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