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Tonight I went to a local charter high school in our area to learn about sending TJ there this fall as a freshman.  In the process, after all the talking and slide shows were done, the entire crowd of about 400 parents and students were lead around campus in groups of 25 or so for a campus tour.  But not just any campus tour.  A campus tour led by students who are ginormous fans of the school.

So I wandered around for 45 minutes listening to Amber, an active sophomore high school student in our youth group RAVE about her school.  She bragged about how her teachers were her friends.  She claimed the place is like family and how she loves to spend hour upon hour there in all kinds of activity.  She really did a great job.  I almost enrolled myself in high school when it was over.  Seriously, she’s gonna sell a lot of something some day for sure.

About 20 minutes into it though, I started wondering if I have students that would say the same things about our church’s high school ministry?  Would they brag and tell their friends they eagerly can’t wait to go?  If I handed several of them the chance to tell others about our ministry, would they walk around our campus backwards enthusiastically talking to a crowd of parents about every facet of our ministry, virtually begging them to get their incoming freshmen involved in our program next year?

Seriously, is there any better press than the honest joy of a raving fan?  Is there anything more compelling than a word of mouth testimony?

Here’s what I was reminded of tonight.

  1. there is no more powerful voice than the changed life of a raving fan. 
  2. students are eager to lead their peers.
  3. when students get excited, it is contagious.
  4. ownership of a vision is a beautiful thing people will sacrifice all kinds of stuff for. 
  5. students long to be passionate.  I need to give them ample opportunity to express their passion. 
  6. I know lots has changed since I was in high school.  But… the whole scene was intensely familiar too.  Lots has not changed as well. 

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