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I’m blessed to be at a church that does not do fund raisers. But when we did our church building program last year, we decided that for the next 3 years, we’d commit to helping our church increase funds to the building fund by serving our congregation and community through meeting some basic needs. This year, we combined the jobs with some jobs we had lined up for our Uganda trip too and added a night of childcare. So, on May 10th, the day before mother’s day, we performed the mother of all mother’s day gifts with a serving day we call “Help us, Help you” and here’s what it amounted to this year:

  • 22 adults – college or older
  • 63 middle school and high school students

Serving on:

  • 5 car wash teams going to 12 locations to wash 26 cars and 1 RV
  • 2 house cleaning teams going to 5 locations to clean toilets and wash windows
  • 11 yard work teams serving in 20 separate locations where we busted our back sides pulling weeds and doing dump runs and chopping down bushes
  • 40 kids for childcare

Which resulted in:

  • $2883 for the church building fund
  • $2117 for the Uganda team.
  • or a grand total of $5000 exactly. Not bad for a days work.

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