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Well. I get an F for updates on the bloggin world. I’ve been praying about whether I should stop this blog thing or keep it going. Here’s my struggle:

REGULARITY: I’m great at starting things. I stink at maintaining things.

CREATIVITY: I’m not the cookie cutter guy. I tweak just about everything I buy or get to make it my own. I tried starting a new blog with some new .mac stuff and a new iweb program, but it was more tweakable. However, it was also not as tweakable as I wished and required more work to end up with just a glorified cookie cutter in the end. So, if I’m gonna do the blog thing. I’ts gonna have to be through blogger for now. bummer. wish I knew html and junk.

MOTIVATION: I feel as though my motivations are mixed. Part of me wants this to be a journal, part of me wants to only blog processed thoughts, part of me wants to blog just to keep friends and family updated on my world, part of me wants to blog ideas and stew on stuff with those who interact with it.

COMMENTS: I’ve had a few verbal complaints that my .mac blog was too much work to interact with since it required an e-mail.

My conclusion: I’m going to make a twoish week commitment to blog once a day on this site. Today through May 25. We’ll see where that takes me. We’ll see if anyone reads this gig. We’ll see how much work it is or how much it matters. Honestly… I could just use the practice on finishing something, being consistent, and journaling more regularly. This “public” statement will serve as my accountablilty.


  1. brian – as to motivation: there’s no reason it can’t be all of those things. the only thing it SHOULDN’T be is what you think others would want it to be. don’t blog unless you can use your authentic voice; and it will only be your authentic voice if you blog about whatever you’d like to blog about.

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