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Ok… I’m about to go on a several hour blog-a-thon and tell you why I’ve been silent for weeks and what lies ahead.  I wonder if anyone even reads this thing anymore I’ve been so flaky.

Speaking of wondering who is still around… I wonder if this little friend is still around.  We’ve been gone for a while now, but for much of May and June, I would wake up early and thumper would be in our back yard munchin’ on my grass.  Some people have goats.  We evidently have bunnies.

He/she lives under my shed… OR maybe used to live under my shed.  In the past 3 weeks I’ve deposited two bunnies in the trash can.  One I found in the mouth of some crazy neighborhood cat chowin’ on it in my back yard.  The other one my kids found today while eating lunch.  It was gross.  Totally covered in maggots… gross.  No I didn’t take it’s picture… but I have no idea if we need to have a funeral for our furry friend or not at this point.  Maybe tomorrow morning will tell me.   Maybe I’ll go put out some carrots. 🙂

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