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Well, for a while now I’ve been trying to talk myself into biking to work. Problem is it it’s takes me like 15 minutes to drive there using freeways. If I take the streets, there are lots of hills and if I take the safest route where I will be least likely to get hit by a car, I’m thinking it’s going to take me like 45 minutes to an hour on my new cruiser bike. I think. I’m not sprinting the whole way on a road bike with spandex.

Anyway, yesterday, while studying for a mid-term, I sat in a coffee shop in the morning and saw a sign saying that Friday was ride your bike to work day. So, I mapquested it and found out it’s 9 miles. Took me forever to figure out how to make it choose the route I wanted. Hence the four points of destination I had to enter to get to my work.

Then today, when I got my coffee, I told the coffee shop owner that I was biking to work on Friday, and he said, “You get a free breakfast!” Wow. So what’s another half mile? Now I’m definitely trying it. Friday I think I’m going to ride bikes with the boys to school and then I’m biking to work. Then I’m celebrating with java and a breakfast bowl at Cosmos. Weather man says it’s supposed to hit 97 in El Cajon on Friday. Hopefully I’ll be out early enough to beat the heat.

Maybe I can convince my wife to join me. Wish me luck.

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