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Well, for a while we have been planning on going for a family bike ride- actually just ever since we brought home a bike for Shannon at Christmas. Anyway, Shannon’s cousin Kyle was in town and I was all set to borrow a bike from a friend for him and well, then TJ starting hurling on Friday night. So, Shannon stayed home with TJ on Saturday and then Kyle, myself, Jake, and Tyler went on a bike ride. We started at Mission beach and rode up the coast 2 miles to Pacific Beach where we had breakfast at Konos. Jake and Tyler had pancakes and Kyle and I had breakfast burrito #1 with Kono Potatoes. Good choices all around. Then we rode back to PB together. Come and visit and bring your bike and we’ll re-enact it for you. Hopefully, this time, minus the puking and with the whole family.

Here’s the photo op:

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