Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


I have some big shoes to fill. It’s the ones my kids have for me. Here’s what they’ve written about in school this year. I’m both blessed and scared to death. I love that they feel this way, but oh boy…. those are some BIG shoes and some BIG eyes they have looking my way. Oh by the grace of God go I.


“Dad’s Rock”

My dad is my hero. He is an intelligent man. He went back to school to get his Masters degree. He is very tall. He has brown eyes and blackish brownish hair. I love him very much.
My dad loves me very much. I know it. I don’t have to ask him. At night he gives me hugs and kisses. When I’m scared he snuggles with me. Like one time we were watching Lord of the Rings and I was scared, but my dad was there to snuggle with me. After the movie was over he tucked me into my bed and gave me hugs and kisses. My dad is always there when I’m scared.
My dad is a very caring man. he goes to work to get paid so he can feed me. And he only gets 2 1/2 days off at the most. He pays for some stuff like bed, clothes, and a roof over my head when I sleep. If I ask my dad to take me somewhere, he always takes me. He takes me so many places he even takes me to Yosemite. He takes me to all my soccer games. For the past two years I haven’t missed one single game. he will take me anywhere if I ask.
My hero is my dad. He loves me, takes me places, and even cares for me. Isn’t he a great dad?


“My Dad”

My Dad is a very special person. He is a high school pastor at my church. He is also a good carpenter. Knowing how to work with wood is a cool part of having my Dad in my family. One year for my birthday my Dad gave me a room remodel. It was one of the best birthday presents I have ever gotten.

When I was turning ten, my parents gave me the present of a new room. So my Dad set to work, with my help, to make me a new room. We took all the stuff out of my room, and then went to Home Depot to get all the materials. We picked for my room to be green, light blue, and orange stripes. So, my whole family came in and helped us paint. Then we built a loft for me to sleep in. We built a desk underneath it and constructed a new, smaller closet under the loft as well. When it was all finished it was so cool to think that this was my awesome room.

My Dad is very special to me because he likes to help me and to build me things that make my life really fun. Him building me the loft was a way of him showing how happy he was that I was who I was. It was an awesome way to get a new room. Without my Dad my life, I think, would be really boring.

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