Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


Well, it’s been just under 2 years of blogging my life experiences, rants, family photos, ministry stuff, and such. This marks my 200th post. Some people achieve this really fast. I’m kinda slow I guess.

My blog meter thingy says like 250ish people a week hit this thing up. Most stay on it for less than a minute. Don’t know that it matters. Maybe in honor of my 200th post… if you enjoy this blog and read it psuedo regularly, you could comment as such and tell me what you like best or whatever. Might be kinda fun to know who really does drop in now and again.

Maybe if no one comments I know that I do this for myself. Peace out people. I’m going to bed.


  1. Keep it up! We love reading about the goings on of our family in San Diego. But the next time we’re together I really need you to sit down with me and help me work on our blog. Love you guys!

  2. Thanks for your writings Brian. I enjoy all of it, especially your family stories that make me laugh.

  3. i’ve got you in my bloglines, brian, so i see every post. but i only click through onto your site when i comment. so my multiple reads per week aren’t showing up in your count. just so ya know.

    i read your blog to stay caught up on your life.

  4. Hey Brian – like Marko, I keep up with your blog via an RSS reader (in my case, Google Reader) so you don’t get the hits from me either.

    When you were here in Fremont I always appreciated the way you went about things as a minister/leader/etc. I think what particularly stuck out to me when I was first sort of getting to know you was the fact that when my bro was getting more involved with the whole God thing in high school, you encouraged him to try to build something where he came from instead of becoming a Powerservant. I thought that was awesome and said a lot about what you were about when it came to ministry.

    Then there was also that time when you met with me to talk about some problems I was having with my youth group. And also the way you led the Network, etc. I came to look up to and respect the way you did ministry and the heart behind it, etc.

    So I dig reading your blog to keep up with what’s going down in your life, and to keep learning from what you’re up to – not just ministry-wise but also the whole personal journey with God thing.

    Also, thanks for the way you ministered to Janelle when she was in high school. She’s an awesome lady, great wife and mom, who loves God – fruit of your ministry bro. Gracias.

  5. Hi Brian,
    I read your blog occasionally to see your beautiful picture collages of your family. I also feel like I don’t know you really well, but I do know your wife, so it’s nice to get a picture of who the other half is. Thanks! I enjoy reading.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m here daily as part of my morning routine. You spin the events in your day to day life differently than I do. While I find them entertaining, what really keeps me coming back are the occasional posts about theology, your relationship with God, and the like. They’re insightful, challenging, and well thought out.


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