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Ok, so the Wii has now been a part of the Berrytribe for 2 weeks and the honeymoon is over. It’s been fun, but now we are leaving for a month and the kids are here with the grandparents and we need a plan that is easily manageable for everyone. So, last night we talked with our boys and came up with a plan of attack for the school year. We’re calling it “wiibucks” and the trial run starts tomorrow.

Here’s how it works:

  1. No Wii before school in the morning.
  2. No Wii after school until homework is done and rest time is over.
  3. To play the Wii after your homework is done, you must exchange a game controller for Wiibucks. (A laminated ticket like the ones I made below)
  4. Each kid gets 6 total wiibucks per week on Monday- each wiibuck card is good for up to 20 minutes of play.
  • Three of them are Wii active bucks, which are only good for a game you play while moving and standing up.
  • 3 of them are Wii free play, good for any wii game we have, active or not. (like mariokart for example)

OK.. there ya have it. Might come home in a month and find out the idea needs a total revamp, but that’s our initial plan.


  • Weekends are up for discussion based on the weekend plans.
  • Wii bucks can be removed for bad behavior and earned back for good behavior.
  • Wii bucks cannot be saved and rolled over, once the week is up, they are up.


  1. That sounds like a good plan. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about them wanting to save or roll over their wii

  2. I love this idea. We don’t have a wii, but I might try to do something like this for TV for the kids.

  3. Oh man I remember my parents had all these rules for the Nintendo 64. It was our first video game system and my dad was really worried it would turn us all into zombies or something. I think it was my best friend at the time, Josh Lightcap. He had a classic Nintendo in his room and my dad always thought he was really weird. He blamed the video games. Hah.

  4. yeah… no zombie fears. But we are trying to keep them playing riding bikes, playing outside, and being creative in ways the Wii stops when allowed to dominate. Hopefully it will not make me Zombie fighter dad 🙂

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