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This video has been making the rounds about our office and across the land of churches like mine today. I saw it tweeted and linked and e-mailed in several ways. At the time of this posting, it’s been played like 40 thousand times on vimeo.

Some found it funny. Some found it vain. Some liked it. Some hated it. Some said amen. Some said ouch. Some used it as cannon fodder. Some used it to think.
What about me?

  1. It’s “in the camp” critique. It’s not satire from someone whose church never looks like this or who has some kinda alter agenda axe to grind. North Point is a “contemporary” service church not unlike the one I work in. So I listened.
  2. I questioned. Do I get like this? Is this true of me or my mode of worship? Are the satirical motives portrayed in this video ever my motives?
  3. Is tradition bad? Like if a more liturgical church did the same basic worship pattern ever week, does that mean they are missing it too? Why do we worship variety more than consistency? Is change good? Is it bad? Do I worship God or my methods? What methods negate God?
  4. I’ve tasted some of this and hate it when I do experience it like this. I agreed I want nothing to do with a Sunday that is anything like this in mindset.
  5. Am I intentional about the elements I plan in our student services or do I just get into slot filling mode?
  6. I love how this made me think. More than a lot of things, this 3 minute video got me to search my soul and ask what and why I do what I do.

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