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When you’re 1300 miles from the mainland on a remote artic island, you try your hand at a lot of stuff you don’t normally do in our busy world of sunny San Diego.

Day one in Adak found us in a weather situation that is so rare that my mom claims it only happened twice in the 15 months she was on the island while my Dad was stationed in the Navy. It was so clear that you could see for miles to the other islands in the chain. Simply breath taking. My dad and I siezed the opportunity to get some elevation under our feet and try our hands and feet at mountaineering to take in the big views. So we hiked to about 3100 feet, to the top of Mt. Moffett, one snow covered summit shy of it’s peak at 3600 feet. The view was breath taking. I took a panarama with my new camera but it’s too large to post… but take my word on it. It’s sweet!!!

Here’s my photo collage of our hike and the distance we hiked is from our beater rental suburban to the top of Mt. Moffett, viewed in the far right of the picture.

And here’s my favorite picture of the week.. my Dad standing in view of the rarely seen from Adak- and a sight that very few people on the planet will ever enjoy face to face- the perfect volcanic cone of Kanaga Island.

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