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This afternoon my family went into San Francisco for a wedding rehearsal for Shannon’s cousin.

I’ve never been to, nor officiated a wedding in San Francisco proper, and I’m gonna kick off this experience with a bang evidently. As a pastor, you know all weddings are memorable and you care what people think and how they will like what you do and say on such an important occassion. As a result, they are the only talk I fully manuscript. Add to that the pressure that this one is for family and I’m already thinking this wedding has a lot of weight to it.

Well, then I showed up to see where we are having this shindig and it’s on a bay front San Francisco Hotel ROOFTOP!

Yep, outside on the roof. Literally 1/2 mile from the bay bridge and 100 yards from the Ferry Building right on San Francisco Bay. It is beautiful. But it is super distracting. I’m not sure why anyone would listen to me when there is a bride and groom, a beautiful city scape, the bay bridge, the ferry building, birds, and the bay to look at from a gorgeous vantage point. I think I’m gonna have to wave my arms a lot.

And if that’s not enough, they chose “fleet week“- which not only attracts thousands but has boats and military shows and the blue angels. The rehearsal was right in the middle of the practice for the Blue Angels. It was awesome! However, needless to say, I was super ridiculously distracted. Even though I’ve seen them like 5 times at fleet week in SF and once in Miramar, they are so amazing to watch.

The wedding is Sunday at 5pm. The blue angels fly from 3 to 4pm. Um… yeah. It’s gonna be awesome. It’s also gonna be distraction heaven. I’m going early to watch the show again.

If you have an ounce of A.D.D in you, this wedding is gonna be either the best one or the worst one you ever went to. I’m gonna have to take some some meds before I get there or hope the Blue Angels give me a good fix.

I can’t believe I left my SLR at home. I’m stuck with a lame pocket point and shoot canon and this weekend so cries for something better! What was I thinking? Here’s some pics… even though the blue angels are fuzzy in my pic.


  1. IF I knew you were in the city this weekend I would have loved to have seen you!! I watching the Blue Angels on my girlfriend’s roof top right by Ghiradelli Square. I know what you mean by distracting! They were so cool and always amazing to watch.

    You better post pictures of Vanessa’s wedding! I want to see it.

    Love you

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