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I just got the latest e-mail from sitemeter and my blog is back to normal in the third week…. 350-400 before the trip. 800-900 visits during our missions portion of our Uganda trip. Now I’m back to the 350-400. I’m sure there’s a message in there somewhere.

I however am not back to normal. In fact, if the truth were told, I’m hoping to not go back to normal. I’d really like to change every day and some stages in life are more intense for change than others. I’m trying to let the last 3 weeks of my life be one of those.

I’m really hoping to give a serious run at a new normal in my life, marriage, family, and ministry- regardless of blog hits 🙂 I should be home in another 3 days. We leave for London tomorrow morning… Sunday night in California or Monday morning here in Entebbe.


  1. we’re leaving for 9 days in calgary tuesday, but when i’m back, i’d love to have coffee and hear more, bri (as would, i’m sure, dozens of other people who will want your time).

  2. enjoy your time. Coffee sounds great Marko. I’ll keep praying for the sale of your home.

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