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I started reading blogs again.  I had stopped reading them consistently, mostly because I could not find a way to do it that fit my routine.  I had feeds at the bottom of my mac mail inbox, but they were out-of-sight-out-of-mind and piling up like a guilt trip and fast!!!  But, thanks to this little iphone/ipad gem called reeder that seamlessly merges with google reader, I’m back in the game.

In the process of my blog roll feeding frenzy, I realized something.  I’m not sure who sent out the memo,  but somewhere in the blogosphere there’s wisdom that says, “you should end all your posts with a question.”  I probably would get more comments and better interaction if I did.

This got me thinking.

I wondered where else I would get better interaction if I asked better questions.  Counselors are masters at this.  Jesus was the inventor of this.  Some blog writers have reinvented it. So, I made a list of places I think I’d be well served by asking some good questions:

IN MY OWN SOUL…  it may be the hardest place to get unbiased clear answers to good questions, but it’s a critical place to ask them nonetheless.  Maybe I should ask others to speak into them.

  • how am I really? 
  • why am I doing what I’m doing? who am I trying to please?
  • what should I do right now?  what should I stop doing?
  • am I going to regret this decision I’m about to make? 
IN MY LEADERSHIP… I think good leaders ask good questions.
  • is this the best way to do this?
  • are we doing the same thing for the wrong reasons? 
  • what kind of ethos am I creating without saying a word?
  • who around me is ready to lead if I would just give them the opportunity?
IN MY FAMILY... good questions inspire conversation. 
  • am I asking my kids engaging questions? 
  • am I listening when my kids ask questions? 
  • am I becoming the husband and father God created me to be? 
  • am I fully present? 
IN MY TEACHING…  good questions inspire genuine faith.  I heard Rob Bell once say, “the problem with most preaching today is that when the sermon is done, it’s done.” Maybe we should leave some questions unanswered… Maybe we should end each sermon with a few questions instead of a few propositions people might adhere to.  So… 
  • am I teaching with genuine conviction? 
  • am I teaching with creativity, giving each week my very best?
  • am I obedient to the holy spirit’s leading? 
  • am I inspiring more questions among my listeners than I’m answering?
OK… so there’s 4 sections and 4 questions.  And, in the theme of my blogosphere question asking friends, I’ll end with a question 🙂  Let’s see if this inspires you.  
What questions are you asking and in what environment are you finding them most powerful? 


  1. For now I just want to know if you have figured out how to get more sleep on a regular basis?

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