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Well friends, my first book is officially done and up for pre-sale. It’s called As For Me and My Crazy House and it should hit the shelves in the next few weeks, but you can pre-order it now and be the first to read it if you so desire.  The subtitle sums up the book’s contents and premise pretty well: “Learning to protect your heart, marriage, and family from the demands of ministry.”

I’m certainly no expert who has mastered this stuff, but I am neck deep in trying to live it out.  This book is not a been-there-done-that-now-I-wrote-the-book kind of read.  It’s just a down to earth, let’s think, wrestle, inspire, and challenge one another to follow Jesus as we champion our marriages and love on our families in the context of ministry kind of read.

If you’re in the trenches of this tug-o-war while being pulled every other direction by life and ministry, then I hope you’ll join me in this journey and pick up the book.

It is broken into 3 sections, with several short chapters each based on 3 foundational truths:

  • The best gift I can give my marriage is a healthy me.
  • The best gift I can give my family is a healthy marriage.
  • The best gift I can give my community and ministry is a healthy family. 

If that sounds like a read you want to dig into.. then click here to grab the print copy.

oh.. and if you want to read it on your Kindle…. no fear. Amazon has it ready to roll HERE NOW!

Here’s a video we threw together that Simply posted on their website about it if you want to give it a listen.  My wife filmed it using my phone.  She’s a rock start!


  1. Thank you for this book. I have purchased it for our entire Youth Leadership Team. Just finished reading it last night.Love it! Highly recommend it! If you are reading this comment and trying to decide whether or not to buy the book, stop thinking about it, just do it! It captures 1 Timothy 3:12, applies it to youth ministry, and explains the reason why a healthy self and home are so essential to ministry. Thank you Berry for an enjoyable refreshing and enlightening book.

  2. hey thanks Hope! your words are a huge encouragement. praying it blesses your team as much as it did you.

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