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The other day I saw this article/info graphic on sleep deprivation.

It initially struck my interest because when I ask students these days how they are… especially on Sunday morning… I swear, 95% of them, 95% of the time will give me the same one word answer: “tired”.   So, I got to thinking, maybe this lack of sleep thing is a major problem. Or maybe only a moron would offer church for high school students before noon… but let’s not go there.

In case you’re still asleep yourself and still haven’t clicked on that link… the info graphic says that getting less than 8 hours of sleep is not just a teen Saturday night problem.  It’s a massive adult in America problem.

In fact, getting less than the recommended sleep a night increases your stupidity level, your risk for heart disease, decreases your life span, and makes you on average 14+ lbs heavier.  This explains a lot about me and my gut.  Well, since I quite often can fall in to the orange section of this sleep graphic they creatively labeled the… oh nevermind… you can go see for yourself what they labeled it…. it is suffice to say that I get way too little sleep way too often.  (We’re not going to talk about the fact that I’m typing this at 12:23am and that I have to be up and ready to go out the door by 6am for an all day staff offsite meeting.  Cuz that would be proof of my problem.)

It even said that if you pull an all-nighter, your body behaves like you’re drunk.  DRUNK!?

This would explain the intoxicated feelings I’ve had a few times these last few months.

Ok kids…. let’s just say, it’s time for me to go be friends with my pillow.  I’m already dangerously close to being labeled an idiot by my bodies infrastructure and immune system yet again tonight.  So do yourself a favor… GO TO BED!


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