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That’s the question that came up on an add while updating facebook.

Right above this picture:

#1. Who is asking?
#2. What’s up with this facebook ad reading my age off my profile?
#3. How’d they get my body shot too?
#4. What idiot decided that I was 36 and dumb enough to believe that I got like this by drinking their green tea?

on a similiar note… I walked out of panera bread after meeting with a student yesterday afternoon. We walked through a group of 3 women in their late teens/early twenties. And all I heard were these 2 lines:

Girl 1: Yeah… well that’s Matthew McConaughey.
Girl 2: I want to lick his body.

… and our society thinks women are the only ones with body image complexes.


  1. All I know is,
    I must see the picture of the girlfriend of a dad who has issues of knowing what is appropriate to wear to graduations.

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