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I went to dinner at a friends house and found out that my iphone was not being maximized. I thought all apps for the iphone required the internet, and I just figured they’d slow down my world. It’s like dashboard for the mac…. something I never use. I already don’t use it for mail because I can type so much faster on my laptop and don’t really see the point.

But I decided to give a try. So after surfing itunes for an hour or so today, I took the plunge into another layer of my iphone.

I bought one program:

  • the bible which is now fully contained on my iphone in several searchable versions. I used to have that on my palm, but now have it on my iphone for the first time. I’m excited about using it in hospitals and even in church.
  • I wanted to buy another one that was a dictionary, but the reviews were bad, so I’ll wait for them to improve it and then buy it.

I also scored several free apps…

  • some games- solitaire, a maze thing, a random drawing thing, yatta yatta.
  • a “flashlight” that makes the screen go bright and light for those times I can’t find my keys in the door lock in my dark office hallway. It even can strobe for those cool concert moments.
  • a converter that turns virtually any measurement into something I understand (which would have been very hand in Uganda)
  • a tip calculator- which is nice when I’m feeling dumb.
  • a movie locator that automatically changes locations when you do.
  • and a very cool app called “remote” which controls my itunes from my cell phone- something I’ll use every weekend in youth group- I’m really stoked about that one.

Now if I can just get my phone to wash my car.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wash your car? Isn’t that why you have three boys?

    Love, Dad

  2. Dude, I’ve got the flashlight too… and I’ve used it more than once! But it’s still not as cool as the lightsaber app!!!

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