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Grandma and Grandpa arrived in town yesteday morning and we seized the chance as a family to do some bonding after having been gone all weekend in the desert. So we decided to take Becky and Billy for their first taste of one of our favorite family walks that includes lunch, a chance to see the seals, and some great photo ops. As many times as I’ve done this walk, it still doesn’t bore me.

Here’s the photos of our day in La Jolla. So blessed by the family God has allowed me to be a part of and ridiculously lucky to live in such a beautiful place:


  1. beautiful.

  2. The pic of Jake “flexing his muscles” is my favorite!

  3. You are a frikin amazing photo dude.

  4. Brian – you could seriously make a living as a photographer . . . great eye & composition! Your family looks so happy . . . so complete.

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